You read that right – if you haven’t been feeding your plants oatmeal, you’re missing out! Just mix a tablespoon or two of dry oatmeal into the soil of each pot for a quick way to spruce up those droopy houseplants! Oatmeal is a very nutrient-rich grain that contains essential minerals like phosphorous and iron that plants need to flourish. Add 2 tablespoons a month for best results.

The video below has 2 other amazing DIY recipes for those houseplants that could use a little love. Get a recipe for homemade mildew spray (for when those leaves get a chalky layer) and a tried and true elixir for ferns. Check out these tips and let us know what your favorite plant recipe is! For more hacks on reviving dead houseplants, check out this article on seven tips to try before throwing your plant away.