How To Revive Any Plant

These are tips every gardener should know!

I was talking to my dad the other day about gardening, how he makes it look so easy and I just keep killing all of my plants, and he said, “The hard part isn’t keeping the plants alive; it’s knowing how to bring a dead plant back to life!” He went on to say that every gardener has issues with plants, whether it’s underwatering, overwatering, pests, unbalanced soil, the list goes on and on. He said the fun challenge of gardening is to figure out how to diagnose the problem and fix it. With his wise words urging me forward, I returned to my little balcony garden with a renewed sense of purpose.

My plants were dead. Or so I thought. As we’ll find in this video below, even if your plants are brown and withered, it doesn’t mean they are dead! For starters, check the stems. If they are still pliable, there is still hope! See what the other tips are for reviving almost any plant.