15 Unique Tables To Inspire Your Next Project!

Tables are such a wonderfully versatile project, both for the beginner and for the well experienced craftsman. With so many ways to customize, from using reclaimed wood to cleaning out the scrap pile, there’s something for every style. As you’ll see in this list some people even used Alaskan gold and gun shells to accent their work! Here is a list of some of the most unique user submitted tables we’ve received to date.

What have you been working on? Share with us in the comments below!

Day Of The Dead Themed Table

From the craftsman, Rob Sykes: “Wenge veneer, colored sycamore marquetry. Fluorescent resins. Real butterfly eyes. Gun cartridges filled with resin and lit with LEDS around the perimeter.”

Glow In The Dark Table

From the craftsman, Sam Mclachlan: “Glow in the dark macrocarpa slab coffee table.”

Creative Use Of Space

From the craftsman: “I bought the frame at an auction and created this table, I hate wasting space so I built a shelf out of pine and covered it with fabric. The top is Birds Eye Maple and a touch of Walnut. As you can see each side has secret compartment for storage. ”

Whizzco for CRH