15 Unique Tables To Inspire Your Next Project!

Tables are such a wonderfully versatile project, both for the beginner and for the well experienced craftsman. Check out this list of unique user submitted projects!

Waterfall Table

From the craftsman: “Made with Pear wood and resin.”

Lovely Kitchen Cart

From the craftsman, Alisson Clever De Rezende: “Produced in Brasilian Ita├║ba (Mezilaurus itauba), I did it for my love.”

Take Your Games To The Next Level

From the craftsman: “Handmade game table ( backgammon – chess – poker ). made of walnut wood, inlaid with fruit woods and mother of pearl.”

Custom Made Mic Stand

From the creator, Mike’s Handcrafted Furniture: “Made this table for a group of people doing podcasts. Several stages, till the end result, which features a hole for the wires and a shelf for the microphone, and the group`s name etched into the top. The legs were started from a tree trunk, which I carved, then used twisty tree limbs for a cross legs section of the table. This is a heavy piece, and each piece of wood on the top is hand cut, and I used several different types of wood. This was a first of its kind piece, and probably a one of a kind piece. “