2. Earache Remedy

There’s almost nothing worse than a bad earache, especially if one of the kiddos is suffering and can’t get to sleep. Reaching for the antibiotics right away might not be the best solution. Sometimes you can build up a tolerance to these medications, therefore making them less and less effective over time. Instead, squeeze lemon juice onto a q-tip and put it in your ear or drop some in your ear with a dropper. The lemon in this is supposed to stabilize the pH levels in your ear and make them feel better.

3. Hair Loss Remedy

Many grandparents swear by nettles as a remedy for hair loss. The nettle leaf contains things like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and many different vitamins. These things are actually able to work miracles when it comes to hair growth and maintenance. Plus, nettle tea has a multitude of other health benefits including regulating digestion, soothing allergies, as well as soothing skin irritations.