This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Neal Parker.

Whether you’re suffering from a headache, an earache, motion sickness, or arthritis, it seems these days there’s a pill for just about anything. However, before reaching for the medicine cabinet, why not try a few of these tried and true home remedies that have really stood the test of time?

Sure, they might not be something we always think to do but with one phone call to grandma, we know exactly what is needed when it comes to anything from a swollen ankle to sunburn. These remedies truly are amazing, so check out our list of grandma tested and approved remedies for all kinds of ailments!

1. Bad Breath Remedy

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We’ve all suffered from bad breath occasionally. Whether you forgot to brush your teeth this morning or have a case of coffee breath, don’t reach for the gum, try celery instead! Gum may be able to mask your bad breath, but it can be harmful on your teeth, especially if you’re using it on a daily basis. Reach for an odor-neutralizing stick of celery instead!