It has been my observation that people who read a lot have strong opinions about books turning into movies. I am no exception, so I thought I would share my list with other readers.

1. Angels and Demons.

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I find Tom Hanks to be an outstanding actor, so don’t get me wrong here. For anyone who read The Da Vinci Code Tom Hanks did not fit the bill for the description of Professor Langdon. With the casting being so off for that book turned movie, why try doing it again with another great book?!

2. Harry Potter.

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Let’s encourage kids to read and use their imaginations, not feed it to them on a silver screen platter!

3. The Hobbit.

How do you turn a 300-page book into 3 movies? And then make it so dark and disturbing! The Lord of the Rings Series was awesome, leave it at that.