Sewing is one of those universal skills that always comes in handy. It’s so much more than a hobby, (although we love quilting and even making our own clothes from time to time) it’s a useful skill that can be utilized in a multitude of ways. In this list below, we go through some creative things you can do with your sewing skills, as well as some hacks that will save you time and money! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to watch the full video with even more creative sewing hacks on the last page.

Evenly Spaced Stitches

This is such a brilliant trick if you find yourself hand stitching project. Whether you’re using a blanket stitch to get nice, finished edges on your project, or you’re whip stitching fabric together, this little hack is sure to make your life easier. Simply measure out the distance between stitches on your thumb and mark it with a pen or washable marker. You’ll have a guide with you every stitch of the way. This is definitely a game-changer!

Pin Soap

If you’ve been sewing for any amount of time, chances are, you’ve encountered a pesky pin or two. These pins are meant to help hold everything in place while you stitch, but if they get stuck or you can’t get them through the fabric, they can feel like more trouble than they’re worth! This amazing trick ensures that your pins are ready to go whenever you need them. By sticking the pins in a plain bar of soap like Dove, you’ll ensure that they’ll easily glide in and out of any fabric you have. Isn’t this just genius?