10 Gift Ideas For The Quilter Who Has Everything!

This is a great list of useful and unique tools for the quilter who has it all!

We all have that one person on our list who is impossible to shop for. Or, if you’re anything like me, you have about 4 or 5 people who are impossible to shop for. They always give the best gifts – handmade quilts, bags, and scarves, and I always feel like such an inadequate gift giver when I either come up empty handed or have to resort to a gift card! While I know many quilters always appreciate a gift card to their favorite hobby shop, it’s just not as fun as finding the perfect gift yourself. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, here is a great list of useful and unique tools for the quilter who has everything!

Needle Grabber

This little guy is a spring loaded needle grabber, and it is so useful for those who have to load and unload and switch needles in their sewing machine. When you hit the button, and tiny hook pops out and secures itself around the needle. It’s like having an extra helping hand for the little details!

Fancy Thread Snippers

Or, in layman’s terms,”tiny scissors.” Quilters and crafters alike are always on the hunt for the perfect pair of thread snippers! Keep in mind the weight of the scissors, and the sharpness of the ends. Any extra fancy details only add to the treasure of this useful tool!

Pin Cushions

Another thing quilter’s can never have too many of is pin cushions. While these magnetic ones are nice, and easy enough to pick up in a store, why not go the extra mile and make your own pin cushion? We love this adorable cactus pin cushion tutorial!