10 Online Resources For Aspiring And Experienced Writers

Find the right writing community to help you grow as a writer.

Every writer has their own “method to the madness” as they navigate the vast world of Writing. Our needs and aspirations as writers run the full gamut, from bloggers to freelance writers, budding novelists, and poets, every group has their own challenges and it’s comforting to know that there is a common community of writers all interested in finding success, personal or professional, as a writer.

Whether you write as a hobby, have a desire to get published, or want to make a living as a freelance writer, there are thousands of resources out in the ether (otherwise known as The Internet) to help guide you on the journey. Children’s storybook writers and illustrators, bloggers and freelance writers, have different writing needs but share the same goal of producing work that they are proud of. We all can use a little advice and inspiration and one of the best resources we have are other writers who have experience in the field.

Online resources give us a much bigger writing community to engage with, and access to other writers to help guide and answer questions on how to become a stronger writer. The websites listed are here are intended to give you a starting point for some writing inspiration, either on method and process, how to get published, or how to make money as a writer.

10 Online Resources for Writers

#1: Inky Girl

Interested in comic and storybook writing? Check out tips from writer Debbie Ridpath Ohi on how to become a writer in this unique genre.

#2: See Jane Write

Writer Javacia Harris Bowser created this website to inspire women to write and tell their stories.

#3: How To Write A Book Now

Author Glen C. Strathy shares tools and tips that will help a writer during the process, from developing characters to final publication.

#4: The Write Practice

This site shares advice on how to develop a writing rhythm.

#5: Write or Die

Mandy Wallace’s blog offers tips on how to make breakthroughs in your writing.

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