10 Online Resources For Aspiring And Experienced Writers

Find the right writing community to help you grow as a writer.

#6: Writers in the Storm

Writers in the Storm is a collection of blog posts by writers from different genres share their experiences with the writing craft, ways of finding inspiration, and how to navigate through the highs and lows of the writer’s life.


Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tricks

Mignon Fogarty’s website offers up great advice on the editing process, from how to use a comma to the differences between British quotation marks and American English quotation marks, and everything in between.

#8: Kathy Steinemann

Great advice on how to avoid “crutch words” and other problems that harangue us as writers.

#9: Every Writer

This site is a resource for writers, including tools, seminars, and tips for fighting writer’s block.

#10: Writing Revolt

Want a career as a writer? This site shares what it takes to become a successful freelance writer.