10 Minute T-Shirt Scarf

Just in time for fall weather and sweater season!

Just in time for fall weather and sweater season! This t shirt scarf is cute, easy, and made from stuff you already have on hand: old shirts. Win, win, win! It’s what we do around here. While I’m digging the classic, monotone look, I bet this scarf would look fantastic with another color or two from a different shirt thrown in there as well. You could also spruce up this design by using ribbon or another fabric to cover the knots. The sky is the limit here! Go ahead and see what we did in the video below, and get inspired to try one out for yourself!

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– Old t shirt (or two if you want contrasting colors)

– Scissors


1. Line up bottom of shirt so the hem is even, then cut off the hen in a straight line. Cut a straight line just below the armpits, creating a rectangle of fabric from the torso of the shirt.

2. From the top section of the shirt, cut out three small strips of fabric, to be used later on in the project.

3. Cut the rectangle of fabric into approximately 1” strips horizontally.

4. Stretch the strips of fabric as far as they will go; this will curl the fabric and make the scarf longer.

5. Once stretched, gather the seams together and tightly tie the strips together just below the seams, using one of the small strips of fabric cut out from the discarded top part of the shirt.

6. Cut the fabric strips between the knot and the seams, leaving at least an inch of strips hanging out of the knot.

7. Straighten out strips, and tie together slightly above the other set of seams, using a second small strip of fabric from the top of the shirt. Divide into 3 sections and braid together.

8. Once you’ve reached your desired length, take the third strip of fabric from the top of the shirt, and tie the strands together tightly. Once secure, cut off the ends, making sure to leave at least an inch of strips hanging out of the knot.

9. Join the two ends of the scarf, with either sewing the strands sticking out of the knots together, or securing them with glue.

10. Once everything is joined, cut two small rectangles from the top part of your shirt (or use ribbon or contrasting material). The rectangles should measure about 4×6 inches.

11. Wrap these rectangles several times around each “joint” (or knot) of the scarf, to give everything a clean look. Tuck the end into one of the layers, and secure with a dab of glue, or a stitch or two.