With Just A Few Simple Supplies, Turn Your Old T-Shirt Into This Fantastic No-Sew Project!

T Shirt Tote bag resized copy
Have an old t-shirt? Sick of making those t-shirt quilts that were so 2008? Perfect. We have just the craft for you. With some scissors, a sharpie, and ten minutes, you can turn your t-shirt into an adorable tote bag! This makes an awesome reusable grocery bag too! Look at you, saving the world with your innovative shirt bag. Plus you didn’t even have to sew anything. Win win.


– Old t shirt

– Ruler

– Marker

– Scissors


Lay t shirt out on a flat surface, and cut off the sleeves and around the neckline.

If you don’t want fringe on the bottom, make sure t shirt is inside out. Otherwise, leave the t shirt with the designs showing.

Decide how deep you want the bad to be, and draw a straight line across the bottom of the shirt with your marker and ruler.

Cut fringe front and back, up to the line you just drew. Typically the slits should be ¾ to 1 inch apart.

Tie the first layer of fringe in the front to back sets all the way across.

Tie the fringe again, alternating strands with different sets. This will close up any holes or gaps in the bottom.

Simply turn the bag inside out again to hide the fringe, or rock the fringe on the bottom for added flare!

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