10 Game Changing Tips To Improve Your Quilting!

Take your quilting to the next level with these tips!

The Best Way To Organize Your Quilt Supplies

Between the piles of fabric, bobbins of thread, and countless tools that you use to craft a quilt (you know — the rulers, scissors, pins, seam rippers, etc.), a quilt workspace can get messy real fast without some serious organization. And because quilts take so much precision and accuracy, you don’t want pieces or much-needed supplies getting lost in the shuffle. And sure, it’s going to get messy while you’re putting together a quilt — but keeping these tips and tricks in mind can help manage the confusion a bit!

How To Choose The Right Fabric

When met with all the fabric choices in a craft store, the immense selection can be a little bit overwhelming, especially when you see so many beautiful fabrics! So, how does one zero in on the perfect material and colors for a quilt? We’ve collected a few tips for your next fabric shopping trip, which might provide some inspiration for your next project.

Care Tips For Quilts

Once you make a beautiful quilt, you want it to stay beautiful – which means taking a few precautions to make sure it remains in good condition. Click here for a few tips on caring for quilts, and you’ll be on your way to properly preserving these handmade creations.

How To Make Your Own Quilt Pattern

Sure, there are tons of quilt patterns out there but how do you transform your own creative ideas into reality? If you’re curious how to make quilt patterns for yourself, then you’re in luck we’ve gathered a few helpful tips!

Troubleshooting Tips For Thread Tension

Have you ever been in the stitching groove, just to see loops or puckers pop up out of nowhere? It’s often the thread tension that’s causing the frustration, and there are several reasons why it’s causing trouble with your machine. If the thread is too loose or too tight, it affects your ability to make nice, even stitches. To make a definitive diagnosis about the problem, try some of these tips and get your machine back in the groove!