10 Crochet Hacks I Wish I knew About Sooner!

Where have these hacks been all my life?!

It’s no secret that we love crocheting around here. Scarves, wraps, blankets, purses, even earrings – we’ve just about done it all! No matter how long you’ve been crocheting or how many projects you’ve completed, there are always new tips and tricks to learn that make this hobby even more enjoyable! Go ahead and check out some of these brilliant crochet hacks and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

Custom Hooks

There are lots of things you can use in a pinch if your hooks are uncomfortable. Take a small amount of Sculpy clay and form it around the hook where your fingers usually rest, wrap an ace bandage around the hook for better grip, or even use a foam hair roller! Just slip the hook in the middle of the roller and use it as a gripper.

How To Flatten Crochet

With quilting, you can always iron your finished project into nice, flat, crisp lines. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of crochet projects. Most yarn these days is a blend, so when it comes into contact with the high heat of the iron there is a risk of the yarn literally melting! Instead, spray your finished project with equal parts water and starch and lay it out on a flat surface. You can also stretch your project by pinning the corners and sides after spraying.

How To Soften Cheap, Scratchy Yarn

We’ve all purchased some “super saver” yarn at some point thinking it really isn’t that bad, only to crochet a baby blanket out of the stuff and realize it’s way too scratchy! There is an easy solution: 1. Rinse in cold water. 2. Shampoo blanket, rinse out twice. 3. Saturate with conditioner, let sit in cold water for an hour. Rinse thoroughly. 4. Run the lightest cycle on your washer. 5. Put in the dryer, but take it out while still slightly damp. Lay the blanket out on a flat surface to continue drying completely.