10+ Mistakes That Make You Look Like An Amateur Writer

These are some great tips from a novel editor!

As writers, we spend a lot of time in our own head. When we’re not over thinking and over analyzing, we’re probably spending time with our characters. We’ve poured days, months, weeks, and even years into our work, and the time has come to send off your query letter and land an agent. You want to make sure your writing is at its absolute best, your prose are clean, your grammar correct. It would be an absolute nightmare if your novel was overlooked or rejected because of a silly writing mistake.

Don’t panic! We’re here to help. The video below is from Ellen Brock, a novel editor. She works mostly with fiction and fantasy, but her tips and advice apply to all genres. Who better to ask for tips on editing than an actual editor herself?

These tips are super helpful – be consistent, don’t name the main character after yourself, etc. You probably know all of these somewhere in the back of your mind, but this video is a great reminder as you finish your last edits and do a final sweep through your book. Watch and learn from a pro!