Writers: A Day In The Life

Writing is a process, and much of that process begins before sitting down to write.

We’re all familiar with the final culmination of a writer’s journey: the published book. But have you ever stopped to think about the process that got the author to this end point? And I don’t just mean the whole editing-to-publishing process, but what that writer did each day, their writing process and their own journey to putting words on a page each day.

Rachel Hillis, author of Party Girl, gives us some insight into her writing process and routine: a long run, a cup of coffee, comfortable clothes, healthy snacks, a special writing location, and a glass of wine are the routines Hillis has in place to help her get through those long writing days. We enjoyed her candid description of what gets her to finish writing 5000 words a day, including the seemingly wacky (but so true) action of talking to herself as she writes.

What do you need to get the writing juices flowing? A long run or walk, a good cup of coffee or tea? Do you have a special wardrobe: a fuzzy sweater, a favorite hat, comfy slippers? What about location: a coffee shop, home office, or the kitchen counter? So much of writing occurs off of the page and is dependent on the writing environment we cultivate for ourselves.

There’s no right or wrong way to go about putting pen to paper (literally or figuratively) – but it is important to put ourselves into a space that is conducive to writing; a place that is comfortable, productive, and offers the necessary inspiration. Check out Rachel Hillis’ process for a marathon writing session.