3 Creative Ways To Wrap Presents

See how to wrap even the most oddly shaped gifts in this tutorial!

We’re in the final countdown before Christmas, and you know what that means: time to wrap the gifts! If you’re anything like me, it can be a struggle to get those nice, clean edges on that package! Or even worse… how the heck does one wrap a basketball?! The obvious answer is to put it in a bag, but after spending a small fortune on wrapping paper, who wants to fight the crowds and traffic just to spend another $15 on gift bags and tissue paper? Enter in: the gift bag made from wrapping paper. Oh, yes we did. See these three creative ways to wrap Christmas presents in the video below, and get inspired to finish out this Christmas season strong! Happy holidays, from our home to yours!


– Wrapping paper

– Scissors

– Tape

– Ribbon

– Hole Punch (for gift bag)


Basic Gift Wrap

1. Measure size of item to wrap, longer on sides, shorter on top.

2. Fold along the vertical, overlapping slightly, and tape to secure.

3. Starting at bottom, fold in side flaps, creating triangle/diamond at top and bottom.

4. Fold bottom triangle up to center, tape to secure.

5. Fold top triangle down to center, tape to secure.

6. Repeat on top of package.

Wrapping Paper Gift Bag

1. Measure wrapping paper need by placing item in center of wrapping paper.

2. Make cut, then place face down on table and fold Right to Left, meeting in the center with a few inches of overlap. Tape the seam.

3. Fold bottom up to just below center.

4. Separate two pieces and open, then fold in so as to create a diamond shape.

5. Fold top of diamond down to center, then fold bottom diamond up to center. Use tape to secure, if necessary. The bag is now created.

6. To close bag, fold top down 3 inches, punch in two holes a few inches apart, and thread ribbon, tying a bow to “seal” the package.

Woven Ribbon Wrap

1. Follow basic wrap format

2. Cut several pieces of ribbon and, using double sided tape to help secure, create an overlapping weave pattern to ribbon.