This Word Is Super Difficult To Translate

How can a word this simple be so difficult?

The question you see here has a word that is quite difficult to translate universally. “Pep rally” might be the more obvious choice, but the more challenging word is “you” – yes, the second person is often “lost in translation” – as they say – and why this is might surprise YOU!

Often the challenge of translation relates to how well you know the person with whom you’re speaking; in some languages, context will dictate whether or not to use formal or informal. And what about when you’re speaking of “you all” – as in a group of people, and not to a singular person? This translation depends on context. As Krystian Aparta highlights in this video, “formality, number, and gender can all come into play at the same time” and the Spanish language is a great example of this.

Language is a funny thing, and we rely on it every day. Sometimes even people speaking the same language can still find their words lost in translation. For a little more insight on this topic, check out the video below on why “you” is one of the most difficult words to translate.