Harry Potter will go down in history as one of the most important book series for children. It spawned eight movies, a theme park, and most importantly, it inspired bibliophilia in an entire generation of young readers! But now that we’ve read all of theHarry Potter books (multiple times), it’s time we turn our heads towards other series.

Behold: 10 Magical Book Series That Aren’t Harry Potter!

10. Young Wizards – Diane Duane

This series features two young wizards, Nita and Kit, as they try to stop “The Lone Power” from attempting to destroy the universe. After Nita finds a book —called “So You Want To Be A Wizard”— in the library and takes the wizarding oath, her life changes into an adventure full of magic and wonderment. This is a series for anyone who wished they could be a wizard when they were kids!

Via Diane Duane

9. Abarat – Clive Barker

This series is about a teenage girl, frustrated with her life and whisked away to an archipelago. There are 25 islands, each representing a different hour of the day (plus one, the mysterious 25th hour), where mysterious creatures and adventure lay in wait. Clive Barker is likely best known as the novelist behind Hellraiser and Candyman. But he spins an amazing plot in this truly unique series.

Via Clive Barker

8. Artemis Fowl – Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl II is a criminal genius, but when the series begins, he’s only 12 years old! This books play with readers, showing Artemis to be an anti-hero, but also a savior to the magical world he inhabits. Fairies, goblins, and the Russian Mafia; this series is full of twists and turns that any magic-lover is sure to enjoy!

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