Totally Chic Wire Rings For Cheap!

Which one will you make first?!

I just love how these rings turned out, can you tell? I’m even wearing a few right now, as I type this. I’ve seen packs of these rings go for $25 in stores! Would you believe that we made ours from some left over supplies from previous crafts? Even if you didn’t have the supplies on hand, the jewelry wire costs about $3 and you can find some cool buttons and beads for free in your junk drawer! If you wanted to make things easier (and more official) you could buy a ring sizer tool for $5 and wrap the wire around the appropriate size for each of your fingers, but we found just using our fingers worked out fine.

What are you going to make first? Classy pearl rings, boho button rings, eclectic braided bead rings? The sky is the limit! These rings are so quick and easy, but addicting. We promise you can’t make just one.


– 0.4 thin wire

– Seed beads, buttons, bigger beads

– Jewelry wire cutters


Button Ring:

1. Cut a length of wire, fold it in half.

2. Thread wire through buttonholes, placing the button in the middle of the wire.

3. Wrap around your finger a few times.

4. Wrap both ends around the button, and inside the ring loop to secure in place. Tuck in ends and trim as necessary.

Big Bead Ring:

1. Cut a long length of wire.

2. Wrap around your finger several times until you reach the desired thickness of band.

3. Thread a big bead through, place on top of the ring, and continue wrapping the wire around the bead to make a setting.

4. Wrap wire around the inside of the ring to secure in place. Tuck in ends.

Braided Bead Ring:

1. Cut 3 lengths of wire. Twist and start braiding at one end.

2. Add a small seed bead on the left-most strand every time you’re about to fold it over the braid

3. When you’ve reached your desired size, twist the ends together, cut off, and tuck in.

4. Wrap around your finger! Be fabulous.