Isn’t this just the cutest little winter decor you ever did see? I absolutely love how this turned out! It’s the perfect mix of eclectic and rustic. When the holidays are over, but there’s still snow on the ground and a few months left of winter, this is the perfect thing to display around the house!

Keep reading to see exactly what we did to get this fun and unique wood slab project. The materials are simple enough – a wood slab that you can find on Amazon or at your local craft shop, a few sticks from around the yard, and some smooth river rocks. Then, just paint and hot glue!

We started by painting the rocks. This took a couple of layers, with time to dry in between. While waiting for the paint to dry, we attached the sticks to the wood slab, and filled in the space with more branches and some snow caps. Then, we attached a little puff of cotton to the tops of the rocks. You could use pom poms if you have any on hand.

When everything dried, we simply glued the birds in place, and we were ready to hang this masterpiece up! Get inspired to make your own winter bird decor by watching the video below!