The Perfect Craft For Anyone Who Loves Wine and Their Phone!

This is the epitome of simple and practical crafting!

This is the epitome of simple and practical crafting. We all have a few wine corks lying around, so why not turn them into this super cute stand for your phone? It’s perfect for charging, watching videos, or just propping up your phone while you’re scrolling through facebook! Don’t have any wine corks? Well then let this be an official invitation to drink more wine. We have a lot of ideas on how to craft it up using wine corks, so drink up!


– Wine corks

– Hot glue gun & glue

– Exacto knife


Cut a 3/4 inch slot in 3 wine corks. Make sure the slots on all 3 line up.

Glue all three corks together.

Glue two rows of corks at an angle to make up the back support of the phone.

Glue one last cork in the back for extra support.

Fill in any gaps with hot glue to make the structure more secure.

Once dry, set your phone in the holder. It should be tilted back at a slight angle.