Drinking Wine Is For The Birds. No, Really!

Do you have more wine corks than you know what to do with? Then this DIY is just for you.

Do you have more wine corks than you know what to do with? Then this DIY is just for you. Need more wine corks? Perfect excuse to splurge for one more glass of wine at the end of the day. You are providing a home for nature’s feathered friends, after all. This craft does use a ton of wine corks, but it’s so cute! Plus, once everything is finished, you’ll probably need to drink more wine to replenish your wine cork supply. Basically, drink more wine. See the tutorial below:


– Wine corks

– Hot glue gun & glue

– Bread knife


Start by gluing 4 rows 5 wine corks. (5 side by side, 4 top to bottom).

Glue a row of wine corks (standing up) around three sides of the 4×5 sheet, leaving one of the smaller ends open.

Glue a second row of corks on top of the first row, remember to leave one side open.

Glue 3 rows of 3 corks together. On the 4th row, glue one cork on the left, skip the middle, and glue another cork on the right.

On the 5th and 6th rows, glue 3 more corks together (this creates the opening of the birdhouse).

Attach this piece to the open side of the birdhouse.

Glue another sheet of 3×3 corks, attach to the back of the birdhouse, opposite the opening.

With a bread knife, cut the off the edges from the front and back pieces, making a triangle for the roof to fit over.

Glue 3 rows of 12 corks together. (This is one side of the roof).

Make a second 3×12 sheet for the other side of the roof.

Attach the roof pieces to the rest of the birdhouse.

Glue a row of corks down the middle of the two roof pieces.

You may want to add extra hot glue in any cracks or openings to make the structure more sturdy.

Hang outside and enjoy!