This Weighted Blanket Has Such A Calming Effect…Learn How To Make One Here!

April is Autism Awareness Month, and Rob from Man Sewing has a very special project: a fun, cuddly, weighted-blanket!

Rob from Man Sewing has a very special project for us today: a fun, cuddly, weighted-blanket! Using poly pellets, Rob shows us how to use a 10% weight-to-body-mass ratio when designing our quilt. In other words, if you are making the blanket for someone who weighs 100 lbs, you would want your blanket to weigh about 10 pounds.

What is the reason for a weighted blanket, you may be thinking? The weighted blanket is said to provide a sense of comfort and security, especially when used by those with Autism. If you know anyone with Autism, then this is the perfect project for you to make and gift to them!

Follow along with this wonderful tutorial, and when you give it a try, be sure to send us your photos! We would love to see how your projects turn out!