Are You Weaving In Your Ends Properly?

Doing this properly makes all the difference.

Just image it. You’ve been working for hours or weeks (or maybe longer) on a project when you make that final stitch. You raise your hands in the air in complete celebration, then lift your project in the air to show your friend, significant other, or whoever else may be near you at the time. While you hold your project up for all to see, you’re staring right at the back with all of the ends hanging loose…Shoot. There’s one more very necessary step until you can officially call this project complete.

Check out today’s video from All Free Crochet as they go over some very helpful tips for weaving in your ends. Properly weaving in your ends is essential for making your project look professional and it will also help make your project sturdier.

What others tips do you have for weaving in your ends?