Using Scrap Yarn, She Makes The Perfect Quick and Girly Project!

This is the perfect way to give an old item a whole new look!

Do you have any old headbands lying around? Whether they are yours or the kids, we have just the project to bring a whole new life to those old, potentially even retired headbands.

With the following video tutorial from Wooly Wonders Crochet, you can finally give any headband a dazzling update that is sure to turn heads, and we promise the whole process could not be any easier!

Every time my girls ask for some new headbands, whether it be for back-to-school season, an upcoming holiday, or some other occasion, instead of heading out to the store to see what we can find, we head to my yarn stash to see what kind of inspiration we can find to create the update ourselves!

To make this project even better, these headbands would also make a great up-cycle gift or little girl party favor!