The Waffle Stitch Is So Versatile, You Could Use It For Almost Anything!

We love having a plethora of stitches to choose from, and the waffle stitch is definitely one of the most versatile…check it out!

Based on the projects with which we have used the waffle stitch, we can pretty confidently say that your options are pretty much limitless. Whether you want to make potholders, aghans, dishcloths, trivets, etc…they all look great with a waffle stitch!

If you ask us, the look of the waffle stitch is an absolute classic, so you will not ever have to worry about it getting old or going out of style! Now that is a total win, in our crochet books!

Let Bella Coco show you how it is done in the below video tutorial and there is no doubt that you will see how many ways you can use this versatile stitch!

Grab your hook, some yarn and get learning! When you’re done, be sure to take a picture and show us what you decided to create with this stitch!