People Are Now Redecorating Their Christmas Trees For Valentine’s Day

As the season of love approaches us, instead of packing up the Christmas tree after the holiday season, this new trend has people redecorating it with pink hearts and love-themed decorations.

If you are sad that Christmas has come and gone, this is your chance to enjoy the tree for a bit longer. We now have an excuse to be lazy and keep the tree up for another month or so. Of course, you are going to have to swap out your Christmas decorations. The Valentine’s Day tree trend is taking over and we are absolutely psyched by this recent development.

We do not always have excuses to go HAM with our home decor. That’s what makes this option such an appealing one.

If you are anything like us, you are already making plans to augment the Christmas tree that you should have put away or thrown away a long time ago. Would you like to learn more about how to create the best Valentine’s Day tree possible? Of course, you would.

The Christmas ornaments need to be put away, for starters. Once you have stripped the tree of these ornaments, it is time to snatch up all of the white, pink and red bulbs that you can possibly find (usually they’re on sale after the holidays).

An angel or star can be placed on this tree as well…And be sure to wrap it up in a pretty bow.

Any piece that screams “love” can be used. The only limit is your imagination. We recommend the Pretty in Pink tree that is offered by Treetopia.