Having A Unicorn Christmas Tree Is The Trendiest Way To Celebrate The Holidays

Unicorn Christmas trees are proving to be a very trendy and glamorous way of celebrating the spirit of the holidays.

We’ve seen all kinds of Christmas trees that have been done up with various holiday themes. But the latest Christmas tree craze happens to be Unicorn Christmas trees – which are proving to be a very trendy and glamorous way of celebrating the spirit of the holidays. Luckily enough, they are not too hard to recreate.


For starters, the first thing that you have to think about and choose is your color palette. While the traditional Christmas tree can certainly be used, the best way to capture the best unicorn tree worthy of Instagram is to choose the artificial options. Instagram user @cute_stuff_online showed how opting for pure white trees can have some pretty magnificent results.


You can also consider using colored trees in the shades of gold, silver, or pink to help optimize that beautiful metallic shine. By starting off with a light pink tree – like the one below – you can then wrap it up with white garland before adding silver tinsel on top.

But realistically, you can choose whatever color palette that will best suit your own personal style. There are so many options that have shown off gorgeous unicorn trees in such rich shades such as teal, yellow, and purple.

Photo: Wayfair

Once you have your base, you obviously need a unicorn tree topper. If you don’t want to or aren’t inclined to craft a tree topper, you can always buy a premade one.

Etsy store, BellaBowtiqueDesigns, creates plenty of unicorn toppers that will suit any Christmas tree – as well as can be used to top a birthday cake or even regular home design.

Photo: Etsy / BellaBowtiqueDesigns

Of course, Instagrammer @lovepinklucy shows us that nothing quite completes the look of a Christmas unicorn tree like the long, luxurious lashes that you can place underneath the tree topper.


The lashes are easy to make using construction paper or felt. They can also be bought premade if you’re not much of an arts and crafts person. While black is a common choice, there is also gold and other options from Etsy seller WholesaleDeZigns:

Photo: Etsy / WholesaleDeZigns

These unicorn trees really light up a darkened room, making it feel magical. And you can see an example of this from the Instagram account, Unicorn Lover:


This multi-colored tree, shared by Instagram user justjulz_24, shows how it is the perfect base off which to build the perfect unicorn tree:


Whether large or small, the unicorn trees work great for a fun, festive look for the Christmas holiday. They really add a bright dash of color and can go anywhere in a home, office, or apartment.

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