These Classic Quilt Blocks Have A Hidden Message

I had no idea these blocks had such significant meanings!

Quilts are beautiful labors of love, as anyone who has completed a quilt will tell you. While every quilt made holds a special meaning to the quilter, there are some quilts and quilt blocks that have a much greater significance in the grand scheme of history. Some people believe that certain classic quilt blocks were used to send messages to slaves escaping to freedom on the Underground Railroad. The quilts were hung outside of homes along the Underground Railroad to let the slaves know what was safe or unsafe, and to communicate further instructions or directions. Here are a few of the most popular blocks that you’ll probably recognize, and their hidden meanings!

Monkey Wrench Block

Via Flickr | DM

The Monkey Wrench block let those on the Underground Railroad know they needed to gather their tools they would need on their journey to freedom. These tools consisted of a compass, materials to build shelters when necessary, and weapons to protect themselves. It let them know it was time to go, and they needed to be prepared for the long, treacherous journey ahead.