Have you tried stranding in the round before? I’ve been too scared to try it out again I’ve read a few articles and even attempted to teach myself with what I thought were easy patterns but to no avail. After watching this video I’m ready to tackle this knitting technique once and for all! In the video below, we learn two different methods for this two color pattern. I’m an English knitter through and through (aka a “thrower”), despite my best efforts to try and knit in the continental style. Luckily for me, this video shows us how to introduce a secondary color into a pattern using the English style, as well as the continental style. It’s all a matter of hand placement!

I am so excited to try this out when I get home. She makes it look so easy, but more than that, she actually takes the time to explain where the tension comes from, and give tips on how to hold the yarn more easily. Double plus bonus: we learn a fun little rhyme that will help us remember the steps!