Make the Fence Rail Diamond Quilt with JELLY ROLLS!

You can make your own (beautiful) fence rail diamond quilt!

Let us get real for a second, we all love a quilting project that is relatively easy to make but leaves us with an absolutely gorgeous work of art that we can hang on the wall or put on our beds to keep us warm at night.

These kinds of projects are not always easy to find but thankfully, Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt company takes us through a wonderful tutorial to make a quilt that is not only beautiful, but also really easy to make. We are talking about the Fence Rail Diamond quilt, of course!

Using scraps of Batik, a jelly roll and 5 strips of a solid, you can make your own (beautiful) fence rail diamond quilt!

Take a look at the video tutorial below and give it a try for yourself! When you are done, take a picture and make sure to show off what you made!