Rob from Man Sewing is back with another amazing quilting tutorial! In today’s video, we learn an awesome quilting technique you can use for all those times people request last minute quilts! As Rob says in the video below, once people found out he quilted, they swarmed him with requests for baby blankets and throws and bedspreads… it was all too much! Has this ever happened to you?

Well, now you have a great way to fulfill all of your requests for quilts. By trapunto quilting on a beautifully printed fabric panel, you can have a quilt in a matter of hours!

What is trapunto quilting, you ask? Basically, it’s using batting in layers over certain areas of your quilt to give it a nice texture. So, for example, in our panel here, Rob uses two layers of batting around the trees and the church. See exactly how it’s done in the video below, and pick up some quick tips for quilting and switching out thread colors to accent your fabric panel.

What are you waiting for? Grab a panel and get to quilting!