Top 5 Tips to Increase Mint Growth in Your Garden

If you are under-impressed with your mint production, then this is about to change everything!

One of my favorite, yet often most overlooked spices, is mint. Growing up, I remember my mom having mint in her garden and I loved going out there, sticking my nose right up to the plant for a gentle whiff, and then picking a leaf and chewing on it a few times. At the time, it totally blew my mind that I could do this and taste and smell the mint right from the leaf. Obviously I know better now, but my fascination and complete love for this plant hasn’t changed.

Whether you are short on space or working to bring portions of your garden inside for the cooler months, container gardening may be just the solution and in my biased opinion, I suggest you include mint!

In today’s video from Self Sufficient Me, we are given 5 tips on how to increase your mint production, whether you’re growing it in a container or if you’re able to use space in a garden bed. Regardless, you do not want to miss this video!

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