If You Want To Be Successful, Grab A Book

Successful people read books, but we book lovers already know that!

I have a workout buddy. She helps keep me motivated and makes the whole act of going to the gym more like a social event than a sweat fest. Of course it’s fun to meet up for a little social time, but equally as important is the fact that we both reap the lasting benefits of a great workout. When we surround ourselves with positive influences, we take on some of those qualities and find motivation to pursue things we would not have done on our own. This also translates to books. As lovers of books, we already know the benefits of reading and reading extensively: we get a new perspective, share in a new experience, and gain new ideas. When we surround ourselves with great books, and even great people to discuss those books with, good things happen.

Consider a book like a mentor, a positive role model that will have a positive influence on your life. Think about who you surround yourself with: are they motivated, interesting, healthy, positive? Just like surrounding yourself with good people, surrounding yourself with good books can also be a way of bringing you one step closer to achieving goals. There are so many books to chose from, either in a particular field of interest, on a goal that you want to achieve, or on the lives of individuals who have had an impact on the world. A shocking 75% of self-made millionaires attribute their success to the regular reading of books. These books have helped them become successful, providing insight, inspiration, and motivation. Check out what it is about good books that help to make a person successful.