Tin Can Pumpkins

Repurpose a few tin cans from your holiday cooking and baking to make this super easy Thanksgiving craft!

Halloween may be over, but we still have a need for pumpkins in our lives! Sometimes called “junkyard pumpkins” for their more rustic and “salvaged” look, this craft is a fun way to repurpose odds and ends from around the house in a creative way. We know one or two canned goods will be used to make the “Big Dinner” so don’t forget to reserve a few for this very quick and super fun craft.

This is one holiday recipe that is pretty easy to follow and will probably take the least amount of your time! Send the kiddos outside to gather up twigs and pine cones to use as decoration, then grab some pieces of scrapbook paper and cut out leaves for the pumpkin stem. Only a few more steps are needed to make this come together, and everyone will be super pleased with the final product! Tin can pumpkins can be placed just about anywhere: on a fireplace mantel, as a table centerpiece, or as decorations to greet guests when they come to the door. So before you toss that can of cranberry sauce into the recycle bin, set it aside and use it for a clever Thanksgiving craft.


— Empty tin cans

— Orange spray paint

— Hammer

— Screwdriver

— Twigs

— Scrapbook paper

— Scissors

— Hot glue gun

— Sandpaper (to create “gritty” look)

— Wire hanger

— Wire cutters


— Paint tin cans and set aside to dry.

— Gather twigs to use as the stem of pumpkin.

— Use scrapbook paper to cut out leaves for pumpkin stem.

— Once dry, assemble pumpkin: gently rub sandpaper around can to create a gritty look; hammer hole in top; insert twigs and hanger wire for the stem of pumpkin.

— Glue on scrapbook paper leaves.