Despite a constant flow of donations, thrift stores always seem to stock the same stuff. From old, scratched records, to mismatched dining sets, sometimes it’s hard to see the potential in what appears to be junk. But with a little bit of creativity, common thrift store finds can become gorgeous art pieces, unique items of clothing, and one-of-a-kind furniture. Check out the 20 ways you can update old thrift store stuff below, and get crafting!

1. Spray Paint Wicker Baskets

Via Rebecca Smith Online

Wicker baskets were so popular back in the day, but now they all have seemed to make their way into the garbage or onto the shelves of thrift stores. Give these a coat of spray paint to match your decor, and you’ll be amazed at how modern they’ll feel and look in your space!

2. Ash Tray Coasters

Via The Refurbished Life

Ash tray’s are definitely a thing of the past, what with smoking at an all-time national low, but glass ash trays are everywhere in thrift stores! Why not pick a few of these up and make some fun coasters? Just don’t forget to scrub the ash trays clean and sanitize before reusing them!