As a proud cat mom, I can honestly say this is so accurate. We’ve all been there – you sit down for five minutes, crack open your favorite book, read the first two sentences, and then CRASH! The cat collides into the coffee table and knocks over the coffee cup and candles. He looks up at you, eyes darting around, and then he zooms off to his next appointment in a random corner of the house.

A few minutes of peace and quiet and then you feel a sandpaper tongue on your foot. The cat is just trying to show some love! After a while, you notice the cat hasn’t made any nose. All is quiet. Too quiet. He must be getting into the garbage, right?

Watch the real-life struggles of trying to read while also being a good cat parent. This is so true! What mischief does your cat get into while you’re trying to read? Share with us in the comments below!