This Cluster Stitch Bag Is One Of The Cutest Projects I’ve Seen!

There are so many reasons why we love this project!

There are so many reasons why we love this project, we do not even know where to begin if we were to list them all out!

Not only is it adorable (I mean, seriously, just look at it), but it is totally functional and handy for everyday use, it is made from one of our favorite stitches (the cluster stitch!), and did we mention how adorable it is yet? Because it is!

Claire from BobWilson123 is here with another great tutorial showing us how to make this cute and colorful bag. Although the bag featured in the video is a tad smaller, this pattern is adjusted so easily, so you can make it the perfect fit and size for you and however you plan to use it! We were thinking of making one that is a bit larger so we can haul a bunch of toys to the beach or nearby park!