The Science Behind Speed Reading

To speed read, or not to speed read…that is the question.

Is speed reading an effective way to get through material? Have you ever wanted to read faster? The normal reading speed is 200-400 words/minute, but there are some who have claimed an ability to read 1200 words/minute. In theory, not only would this save on time, but it would certainly allow for more books to be added to our list of accomplishments. And it almost seems cool to speed read, like you’ve got a superhuman power that is greater than mere mortals. Superpower or not, there is a science to speed reading, and it involves studying a number of different variables, namely eye movement, working memory, and the words themselves. Each of these are broken down into component parts that ultimately result in how the brain processes, comprehends, and retains the information gathered. If you’re interested in learning more, check out this video on the science of speed reading. The final conclusion may surprise you!