We love being able to create things with just some yarn and our hands (and, okay, sometimes crochet hooks)! Whether it’s a beautiful new scarf or a warm hat for when temperatures drop, there’s something about making it yourself that is fun and feels really rewarding…and that’s just when we make something for ourselves.

Once you get into making things for other people and children, the fun really begins. It might just be us, but there is nothing better than seeing a child’s face light up when he or she sees one of our crocheted creations; in this case, our crocheted owl. Stitch Stitch Boom has a great tutorial that breaks the process down, so you’ll be an owl master in no time. But prepare yourself for cuteness, because sharing these cuties will result in bright eyes and beaming smiles, and we just can’t take it!

Hopefully you’ll love these as much as we do, so go ahead and send us your owl photos; we can’t wait to see them!