Festive Fall Wreath As Easy As 1-2-3!

thanksgiving wreath one
Finally a wreath that advertises everything I love about fall: pretty leaves and yummy food! This wreath is perfect for anyone hosting Thanksgiving dinner over at their house. If you get really ambitious, you could write out the menu on the chalkboard center. Or you can just keep it simple like we did. Either way, this wreath is sure to be a topic of conversation around the table. The best part is, this craft is super simple! All you need is a wire wreath, some silk leaves, plastic forks, and chalkboard vinyl. You could use a round chalkboard if you have one on hand, but we made our own custom shape with cardboard and this chalkboard vinyl. Go ahead and see the how we put it all together in the video below, and get the full instructions beneath the video. Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


– Fake fall leaves

– Golden plastic forks (about 40)

– 12” Wire wreath frame

– Hot glue

– Cardboard

– Chalkboard vinyl & chalk


1. Glue a layer of leaves around the wire frame.

2. Attach the first layer of gold forks on the outside rim of the wreath with hot glue, making sure the ends are touching.

3. Attach a second layer of forks in the spaces in between the first layer.

4. Glue on another layer of leaves around the center, where the handles are overlapping.

5. For the center: Trace a bowl, or other large round object onto the cardboard, making a circle slightly bigger than the hole left by the fork handles. Cut the circle out. Trace the same object around the chalkboard vinyl, and cut out. Adhere the vinyl to the cardboard.

6. Attach the chalkboard to the center of the wreath with hot glue.

7. Write a message on the chalkboard, and hang up!

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