If you’ve ever been a new mom (or just held a baby for any amount of time) you’ll know that they ofter grab for your hair, your earrings, or your necklace. They can’t help it! It’s especially bad when the baby is teething – then they’ll not only rip out all of your jewelry, they’ll want to chew on it too.

That’s where this teething necklace comes in handy! I’ve seen similar things in stores for $12-$20! There’s no need to spend money on a teething necklace when you can make one with some fabric scraps and plastic beads. You probably already have everything on hand to make these for free, but even if you have to buy a few things, it’ll still be way cheaper!

These make perfect gifts for new moms (and new grandmas too)! It gives baby something to grab a hold of and since it’s made out of fabric, it won’t hurt your neck! Plus, these can easily be thrown into the wash after hanging out with your favorite baby. As with every custom jewelry, you can design these to match your favorite outfits.

Go ahead and grab a charm pack and make an entire line of teething necklaces – one for every day of the week! Watch the video below to see how easy these are to put together. This makes such an awesome gift!