This Is The Secret To Tapestry Crocheting!

I love projects that utilize this tried and true crocheting method!

Have you ever experimented with tapestry crocheting? I love projects that utilize this tried and true crocheting method – like this pillow! You can make some really colorful and amazing projects, from pictures to words, and everything in between! Plus, the only stitch you need to know is the single crochet. That’s right! Everything else is just some technical work – like switching colors and carrying the yarn through. The best part is, you can pretty much make any pattern you dream up! Just put it on a grid and mark your colors.

When it comes to reading the grid for tapestry crocheting, it’s important to note the numbers along the side of the chart. You might notice the numbers on the left hand side are even (2,4,6,8, etc.) whereas the numbers on the right hand side are odd (1,3,5,7). These numbers corrispond to rows, and turning your work.

Another important thing to note is this easy method for changing colors quickly and easily within the work. Note in your pattern the stitch before your new color, and only crochet half the stitch. So, insert your hook, and pull up a loop. You’ll have two loops on your hook. Instead of yarning over and completing the stitch with the same yarn, simply yarn over with the new yar color and pull through the two loops on the hook. Now you’re ready to begin the next stitch with the new color! Get a crash course in tapestry crocheting in the video below!