And The Award For Best Gift Goes To…

It’s the perfect mix of practical and fun!

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical that my crafting skills could hold their weight when making this swiss army key holder, but everything came together really well in the end! Plus, look how awesome this is. I know we all know a dad who would love to get this as a gift for Father’s Day. It’s the perfect mix of practical and fun! Plus, as long as you have the tools on hand, this project is super budget friendly. Win, win, win!


– 2 pieces of wood (about 1” x 3.75” x ⅛” each. Paint stirrers work for this)

– Thin sheet metal (about 2” x 3.75”) (Can use an old cookie sheet).

– 2 # 8 machine screw lock nuts

– 2 # 8 machine screws, ¾” long

– 10 # 8 machine screw washers

– Gorilla glue

– Wood stain

– Drill and bit set

– Tin snips

– Sand paper

– Small binder clamps

– Pencil

– Ruler


Cut wood to 1” x 3.75”, and round off the corners with a small hack saw. You’ll need two pieces of wood this size.

Sand the edges until they are smooth.

Trace the wood outline onto the sheet metal, and cut with the tin snips. You’ll need two pieces of sheet metal this size.

Clamp all four pieces together – wood, two metal sheets, and wood – and use a 3/16th drill bit, drill two holes about 2.75 inches apart.

Stack one piece of wood under one sheet of metal, and insert a #8 machine screw in one of the holes.

Add half of your keys, alternating key and washer – key, washer, key, washer, etc.

Insert the other # 8 machine screw into the other hole, and place the other half of your keys, alternating washer and key – washer, key, washer, key, washer, key, etc.

If you have an odd number of keys, simply add two washers.

Place the other sheet of metal on top, followed by the other piece of wood, and secure everything together with two lock nuts.

Paint or stain the wood, or just leave it for a more natural look!

Enjoy your awesome new key holder!