Have You Ever Done This To Your Finished Crochet Projects?!

This is such a cool finishing touch to any project!

Mikey from The Crochet Crowd is back again with another amazing tutorial! Today, instead of learning a new stitch, or crocheting an afghan, Mikey teaches us a new technique – surface crochet! If you’ve never seen this before, it’s simply crocheting over the top of a completed crochet piece in order to add more detail. In the picture above, the blue square in the center is surface crochet.

This has nothing to do with the structure of a crochet project, rather, it adds that extra layer of detail. Some people use this technique to crochet names into blankets, or fun designs like hearts. You can also use it on a plain design – like this double crochet granny square – to add a little extra flair!

Of course, we don’t just learn the basics of surface crochet – Mikey shows us a really amazing crochet hack for how to finish off with a fake stitch so you’ll never be able to tell where the surface crochet begins and ends.

This is such a neat way to finish off any crochet project! Wouldn’t this little detail be perfect on a new baby blanket? Maybe you could surface crochet the date of birth! Or on an afghan as a wedding gift with the date surface crocheted in the corner. What will you use this new skill for? Let us know in the comments below!