New Trend Sees Woman Putting Succulent Gardens On Their Nails

Botanical artist Arozona is the first to create living succulent nail art.

In the past few years, succulents have become very popular in home décor. Perhaps it’s because they provide a pop of color without necessarily being hard to care for in the same way that other plants, such as orchids, are. Additionally, a large variety of succulents are non-toxic, so they’re a popular choice amongst pet owners too.

While you may log onto Instagram and expect to see succulents flooding your feed in the form of DIY terrariums or in interior decoration photos, you’d probably never expect to see succulents featured in the work of nail artists.

Nail artistry is quite creative and does often use some interesting techniques in order to create works of art on small surfaces. And one Australian woman, Roz Borg, has chosen succulents to feature heavily in her work as she’s a botanical artist.

Roz uses small succulent plants in order to create art that literally is alive and breathing! It’s incredible what this artist can do to your nail bed using plants.

Roz got her start creating earrings and even tiny wreaths for hair adornment that heavily featured the succulent plants before she decided to expand into nail art – curious as to how her succulent art would do on a nail’s surface.

As she explained to the Huffington Post, “I had been making real succulent jewelry and wanted to use the same application on something I had never seen baby succulents used on before. I Googled it and didn’t get any hits on anything, so I went for it.”

And went for it she did! Good, bad, or indifferent, her work has definitely gotten plenty of attention.

“People are stunned when they realize it’s real, live plants, not 3D sculpting. Some people are grossed out, but most love it!” she said.

And there is no need for concern since none of the plants were harmed in the making of this nail art. Roz works with oasis glue, a special kind of floral glue, in order to safely stick the baby succulents to the fake nail. “The oasis glue eventually releases and I can plant the baby succulents and they can grow happily,” she explained.

So it’s really all just for temporary show.

Regardless, the trend was an instant hit, and soon everyone wanted some reusable, sustainable nail art. Rather than removing the fake nails and throwing them away, you can just plant them and watch the succulents grow – a nice gesture as it’s doing a bit of good for the environment.

You can watch the full process below:

Roz also creates other items using succulents, such as these incredible earrings:

As well as this gorgeous ring:

Check out her intricately designed tiny wreath:

As well as a few more of her designs:

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