Stay Warm This Year And Make Your Own Comforter!

When the cold weather comes, you’ll only need one quilt…and you can make it yourself!

When winter rolls around, I feel like we are always scrambling to change out the bedding and get out the warm comforters for the freezing months ahead. Unfortunately, it seems like more often than not, we have paid so much for a quilt that ends up falling apart after just a few seasons so when we get the bedding ready, we realize we actually need something new!

Well, if you ask us, it is time to stop paying so much for those comforters and if you aren’t already, start making your own!

Astar’s Place shows us we can make our own stuffed comforters that will keep us warm without costing an arm and a leg. Each quilt takes time though, so we are getting a head start on ours and starting now, that way we will be ready once the cool weather rolls in!