Ways to Stay Sane During Self Isolation

It’s the little things can that make the day feel normal.

In these uncertain times, we have all been adviced to stay home as much as possible and to practice vigilant hand washing and hygiene. While stuck at home, and especially with all the anxiety that can produce, we can easily lose our normal mental clarity and feelings of well-being. However, there are some tips that can help us to feel more sane while we adjust to self isolation.

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Wake Up at the Same Time Everyday

Just as if you were going to work or school, keep a regular alarm set and stick to it. This will not only normalize your day, but also help you to sleep better at night.

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Get Dressed

Getting ready and showering everyday- just like normal- can help to make it feel like a regular day and keep us from feeling depressed.

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Keep a Routine

Even if it’s only a rough one, a daily routine can have a calming effect on us. Eating lunch at the same time, getting into pajamas at 7 pm, or whatever it is you would normally do -try and stick to that timeline. Likewise, you might want to resist watching TV all day and save that for the evening if that’s been your normal way of doing things. If you are at home with the kids, try and help them to keep a schedule as well.

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Set Small Goals

Noting and achieving small goals, like getting the laundry done, may seem less urgent since we’re staying in. But, it can bring you a sense of accomplishment that cannot be underestimated during a time like this.

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Work on Your Skills and Hobbies

You don’t have to be overly ambitious, but completing small projects can make you feel a whole lot better about being cooped up. You can also work on learning another language or mastering that one musical piece if you are feeling up to it.

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Embrace Slow Living

If you’ve lamented that we push ourselves too hard, that we miss the small pleasures in life, that kids don’t learn to cook from scratch anymore then now is your time to revel in a rich homelife filled with plenty of time to get things done at a slow pace.

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Stay Positive

Being stuck inside and with worrying news all over our TVs it can feel very hopeless and depressing. However hard it is to be deprived of work, school, entertainments, and other outside activities, remind yourself that the alternative- exposing yourself to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, is not a feasible one.

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